The Nation's delusions continue, sadly. Children, you are the Establishment who was broken, not the Resisters. Now, Kindly get over yourselves.

The Nation is at it again. 220px-The_Nation_magazine_cover_May_3_2010

The limousine liberals who pretend to be some resistance fighters.

No, you're not. Your are Establishment journalists shilling for the well-heeled Left.

And now that social media has co-opt them and broke their monopoly, they cannot decree to the little people what to think.

So after a little scheming and pouting, they are trying to convince said little people to abandon their freedoms and go back to the model of journalism that gives control to the privileged few with this ridiculous headline:

Break Facebook’s Power and Renew Journalism

We must take the Internet back from monopolies.

Who is this "we"?

You, you mean.

Break Facebook's power and come crawling back to you?

Nice try.

If people don't like Facebook, they have Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Ello, and a host of other places where they can speak and broadcast themselves.

People have many places. They are not stuck with just Facebook.

They do not need legacy journalism because people had no control.

And your solution? For people to give up their voices and then go back to the horse and buggy?

Journalism was always a flawed discipline that got corrupted beyond saving.

So let's try this again -- only without your self-serving manipulation:

Keep Facebook, make more demands of it, and let's start a truly viable and wonderful new alternative to journalism, and leave the relics at the Nation to stew in their selfish rot.

Now, there's a solution,

And a far better one than what those dead dinosaurs in that extinct profession can ever offer the world...