Tampa Bay Times cuts 50 jobs.

They are blaming the tariffs on newsprint as the culprit, but it is more complex than that. logo-stacked-reverse

The industry is in a very bad place right now, with all sorts of machinations and saviour-seeking.

The staff left at the Orange Country Register -- and its sister publications are begging for donations -- and looking for a partisan sugar daddy so they can use a "nonprofit" status.

It won't work, of course because none of it actually gets away from the original rot that destroyed it in the first place. I keep saying this is a partisan era, and those who once could be called journalists, are desperate to become propagandists.

In a world of TED Talks, Wikipedia, and social media, people have found alternative outlets that make them feel informed. We have poor substitutes that rely on little one-sided agitprop cluttering Facebook feeds, such as Now This that aren't made to last.

What we don't have is true fact-gathering that takes all side of an event, and gives a realistic layout of the situation with the expectation of taking sides in some patriarchal melodrama.

Impossible times, such as this one, needs sensibility and reminder that the world is not perfect, nor is everyone obligated to think exactly the way you do. The notion of ideological tolerance is nil, and that can happen only if we are given too much narrative, but without any facts in context.

Journalism collapsed because they forgot about the facts. The partisan substitutes will collapse for the same reasons. People are confident of their opinions without realizing they have scant facts backing them up -- cribbing on meme posters as some sort of substitute for the real thing.

In the meantime, more jobs in journalism will be lost -- and without a true alternative, the waters become muddier as we see less all while our progression stagnates...