Memo to the New Republic: It is an Age of Propaganda. Your partisan brainwashing is as vulnerable as the Right's. Why not try reality for once?

Journalists love to use the trigger word "crisis" when talking about themselves these days. Way past crisis, sillies!

The New Republic is a Leftish partisan magazine most famous for enabling serial fabulist Stephen Glass.


But they also like to parrot what everyone else in the dead profession is babbling.

Yet this article has a little twist:

The Crisis of Pro-Trump Journalism

More influential than ever, the right-wing media is now facing increased scrutiny. But will it make a difference?

What journalists have labelled "crisis" should be relabelled as "We are alienating people in an Age of Propaganda with our overt partisan decrees and opinions."

The article is a classic case in committing the confirmation bias: it acts as if this is a problem unique to their ideological enemies, when in fact, it was the problem that destroyed an entire profession, left and right.

You see a Left-wing publication think it's cunning by positioning themselves as the alternative where disillusioned Right-wingers will come running into their open arms.

Except they don't come running: they were already disillusioned with the Left, and should their hopes and dreams not come true under this administration, won't be switching teams.

They either go more extreme or just ditch any information source entirely.

Journalists are like the deluded spouse whose mate ran off with someone, and they are so arrogant, the jilted person honestly believes when the ex tires of the new playmate, will come crawling back, chastened and completely obedient.

Except that doesn't happen. The mate who strayed will find someone new over and over again, moving on.

The fantasy that audiences will come crawling back is what has helped destroy journalism: they think they don't have to change a thing because the audiences will come back in a more receptive mindset.

The habit has been broken. When you rely on partisan reporting instead of facts, once your ideas belittle or clash with your audience, they do not forgive, and they do not forget.

Jane Fonda will always be Hanoi Jane to those who saw her fateful actions of betrayal and degradation. Hillary Clinton will always be deplorable to those she used the phrase in an attempt to vote-shame them into voting for her.

Partisan reporting often seems like a cheap and easy way to gain a share of audience loyalty: the problem is if you make one misstep, your spell is broken.

That is a big reason why journalists lost so much of their audiences: they kept talking down to them and insulting them with stories. People were seething, and when social media came, they had an out.

So the New Republic should look inward, instead of salivating at the prospect that their Right-winged counterparts may alienate their audiences.

Kids, those put-off audiences won't be crawling to you no matter how angry they become...