Big Tech robber barons mistreat workers? You don't say!

Journalism built up those Big Tech Titans of Industry for decades. They were the Great Men of our time. I have written about this problem repeatedly, but now that journalists didn't get their cookies and lollipops for drooling over these players, they are now acting like a jilted lover, throwing dirt they would have known from the beginning, but was saving when the timing was right. Oh dear.

Tesla is under fire these days, and Fast Company is miffed that they are fighting back, all but calling the stories "fake news".

Tesla isn't wrong.

All those fawning stories over the years was advertising presented as news -- that was fake news.

So that's what Big Tech has been used to from the press. Let's not pretend they weren't groupie stenographers for the last few decades. They enabled and built up these monsters, hiding the unflattering information first -- the way The New York Times built up men such as Harvey Weinstein, axing any unflattering stories, and when they could no longer play make pretend, spill the beans and then get a paper crown for it.

Fast Company's article on Tesla is very revealing in a common manipulation practice of Appealing to Virtue-Signalling, with the headline saying it all:

Tesla calls journalism nonprofit an “extremist organization” after negative story

The notion that the "nonprofit" is some sort of right and righteous charity group isn't true -- "nonprofit" these days simply means funded by partisan billionaires with the end goal of smearing their rivals and opponents, as they try to shame any narrative that goes against their self-interest.

What you have these days are a few billionaires who are buying the press coverage using the pseudo-noble terms such as "nonprofit", weakening their enemies, strengthening their public image, and getting a tax write-off with their "donations."

This is hardly in the public interest, and it's hardly new.

But these days, journalism isn't a thing. A nonprofit is an ineffectual vanity project. Amazon, one of the few that went the direct route, bought the for-profit Washington Post for a song, but they still get bad press, and they still sign supreme regardless of the working conditions.

Because there is too much white noise, and almost no real facts coming through.

The wolves in sheep's clothing are playing the same games as they always did, except in an Age of Propaganda, they are all cancelling each other out, and their impact these days, has been negligible to say the least...