Memo to the 21 students who dropped out of Sinclair interviews: Do you actually think it's different anywhere else?

The TORTEE Generation are a curious lot. They have a single belief in The One Rule That Explains Everything.

They grew up indoctrinated on commercials that told them a simple and passive hack will make all the problems disappear.

No ability for critical thinking. No ability to see beyond the façade.

It's why you have kids who are clamouring for gun control -- they want to be nannied so some other servant will clean up their messes. America was built on slavery, and that exploitative mindset never got cleansed out of their system.

They are always offended and enraged, like the spoiled diva whose maid didn't press her underpants in the exact way she was ordered, and didn't treat her master like a god.

Arrogance, insensitivity, and ignorance are the toxic qualities that destroyed journalism.

They issue decrees, and now are having fits that people ignore their royal edicts.

There is no one rule to explain everything. You have to experiment, and test, looking for flaws and weaknesses -- not to judge and gripe in the hopes someone will give you something to console you, but to understand and improve.

Sinclair Broadcasting is no better or worse than the other outlets.


They make the same demands, treat their employees the same, and do what media outlets have always done: force the same narrative on all of their stories. The end.

But the little j-school brats got spooked that Sinclair got some bad publicity, and 21 of them think they have dodged a bullet by not going for an interview for some low-paying dead-end job.

Kids, I have bad news for you: it is no different anywhere else.

We are in an Age of Propaganda.

In a partisan press, you must follow the script.

The FNC had their memos, which I chronicled in my 2005 book OutFoxed. Nothing has changed. I had my own stories spiked if I did not walk lockstep with a media outlet's royal decree.

When I wanted to point out the problems of Toronto's gang wars, I was rejected because the white people of Toronto didn't want the spoil their cocktail parties. When I wanted to discuss the political significance of street graffiti, I was rejected because the middle and upper classes refused to believe that the fringe were more politically savvy and aware than they ever could be. When I wanted to talk about how Canada was a hot bed for art crimes, no one wanted to hear it because, you know, it's Canada.

And when I wanted to point out how journalism's own internal mechanisms were going to lead to a collapse, no one was interested because that would mean some blowhards would be exposed for the bumbling oafs that they were.

In 2018, there is no excuse for this generation's complete ignorance and passivity.

And no, throwing a temper tantrum in the street demanding adults clean up your bloody messes isn't being active.

Journalists ran and hid from their problems to their industry's devastation.

And that you are going into a dead profession is a real knee-slapper, but to pretend you have scruples and standards by rejecting that dead-end placement is an absolute riot.

Because it is the same wherever you go.

Left, Right, there is no difference in the culture or the methods.

But it doesn't;t matter. You chose to cavort with the dead -- get used to the rot, children because it's contagious and it destroys everything and everyone around it in a blink of an eye.

And there isn't some quick and passive little hack that will fix it...