JSP? Really, CBC?

The CBC must have been inspired by The Goldbergs. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWMiFXU2iAM?rel=0]

The CBC has a history of cringeworthy buzzwords that induce eye-rolling than actual results.

They are chirpy about their "Journalistic Standards and Practices", which has been labelled JSP.

It is not exactly any sort of deal, big or otherwise. Many newsrooms have vague and nebulous standards and practices and have for decades. When I went to j-school, as I had nothing better to do, our library had most of them in a database, I read and saved them all.

When I wrote about the business of journalism, one of my articles landed in Current in 2001 -- a trade magazine about public broadcasting, and my piece was about the CBC. Back then, they were using the term "e-transformation" or something along the lines. It didn't do anything for them then.

JSP won't do anything new for them now.

Your scruples and attention to detail should be apparent in your product, not in some chirpy press release-sounding babble. If you have to draw attention to it with some title that some high schoolers thought up, your maturity and understanding of reality seriously comes into question.

I never understood why those in that dead profession always want applause and a lollipop for doing things that are a normal part of the job: it would be the same if doctors demanded a cookie and a paper crown for every patient that comes out of routine surgery alive and not butchered...