Apple threatens employees who leak to the press with criminal action...and then want to launch a news subscription service...Press Release subscription service, perhaps?

Apple likes to exploit the press when comes to launching their trinkets, but only on their terms. 2000px-Apple_logo_black.svg

The leakers still leaked the No Not Leak Or Else memo.

But now they want to meddle in news with a a subscription service as they have bought Texture and gutted it by shedding employees.

Apple did very well with cool toys and entertainment-based things, such as music and movies, but work and play are two separate spheres. People don't have an interest in the old model of news; and I don't see this flying.

It is a different era, and Big Tech has lost much of its luster in 2018. That, a couple of years ago, would have been unthinkable.

The information stream is becoming a battleground, but there is a huge problem: journalism collapsed by means of a nuclear bomb, and the ground is radioactive. Big Tech are waging in that certain death battleground thinking they can hover over it and take over.

The problems are much deeper than that, and while Apple will put out sunny press releases, the truth will not live up to their hype...