An interesting twist to the Ontario Election campaign: Is it ethical to fund media outlets in an election year?

The Liberal regime in Ontario has already placed this province in a sea of red, and for their generosity with taxpayers' own money (and all the funds they are borrowing at a high interest rate), they are floundering in the polls, but never say they won't keep spending. brand

Here is a press release from the Ontario government that I find very intriguing:

Ontario Supporting Multicultural News Journalism

New Fund Will Increase Multicultural Coverage of Local, Regional and National News

The timing of this does not pass any smell test. Given there is an election coming up, it is not very ethical to give funding to news outlets -- especially in this manner. It is a way of courting smaller groups strategically, at any rate.

With the collapse of journalism, particularly in Ontario, I was expecting the Grits to play a game like this...