The "journalism's crisis = democracy's crisis" narrative continues -- and it's not working.

When I wrote OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism, I discussed how the Fox News Channel used memos to keep ideological consistency in their stories. The documentary by the name same that came out before it, had originally exposed John Moody's now notorious memos. Those memos were not just part of the FNC ideological narrative -- they were the way journalists walked lockstep to build a wall of defence to prevent anyone from challenge their conclusions when their facts were wanting.

That lockstep is now continuing across the entire profession with a false narrative that a crisis in journalism means a crisis in democracy.

The Los Angeles Times is the latest copycat trying to scare people into coming back.

The headline itself is pure propaganda:

The staggering body count as California newspapers founder, and democracy loses

No, the bombing in Syria has left a body count -- what you have is journalists losing their jobs because of their own inability to keep up with the times and change gears. Do not play manipulative games with your bloated egos.

Democracy transmuted with the onset of the Internet -- something that journalists to this day cannot grasp. They do not understand that democracy is strong enough to go on without them.

Society has informational resources and venues to speak out. Journalists had the monopoly on both, and now they don't. If they wanted to stay viable, they should have faced that reality, and done something about it -- they had that opportunity, but they thought they didn't need to take it. That isn't the public problem.

Journalists want everyone else to accommodate them -- and that's not going to happen.

So this fear-mongering temper tantrum has to stop.

It won't, but it won't do the dead industry any good.

People left for a reason. They wouldn't have if journalism gave them what they needed. It didn't, and it hasn't.

If you want to connect to the public, then don't have a chip on your shoulder. Otherwise, get your walking papers can get out of the way...