Now it occurred to you to union, Chicago Tribune? Too little, too late, children. Your profession is dead.

Everyone hates unions until it is their backsides on the line, then it's great. Look at the Chicago Tribune voting to unionize.

I am not anti-union. My mom was a union steward with the Teamsters. I even got to march on the picket line when she and her coworkers went on strike when I was a kid, and my marching made the 6 o'clock news.

But that's not why I don't object to unions. Corporations have unions, too, and they call them lobby groups. Newspapers had the Newspaper Association of America, until it got amalgamated into something else. If it is good for one side of the equation, then it's fine for the other.

It is too little, too late, "historic" or not. The industry collapsed and a union is not going to change that or improve the situation. You needed fundamental shifts decades ago, and now this shallow move won't do a thing to alter reality...