Memo to the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News: Who pays for journalism? People who actually want it. You are not a public service, but a business. Now stop using your newspaper to lobby for free money.

The Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News is doing what many Canadian newspapers are doing: being unethical and deceptive in misusing their product to lobbying for welfare money. News_Logo_2014_CMYK_High_rez

The latest attempt is probably the worst offender of the Fear and Pity campaign.

The headline says just where this little piece of propaganda is going:

Opinion: Who pays for journalism? One way or another — you

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No, it's not "one way or another." It's just one way: if people want your little newspaper, they will pay for it voluntarily. If your product is deficient, they will not buy it, and if enough people do not buy it, you go out of business, just like Zellers folded as well as local restaurants do when not enough people like their food.

Eating food is more vital than reading the wire stories on Kardashians, and we do not have government programs to prop up money-losing diners.

So let's get that out of the way first.

Not only is the newspaper not the forum to personally benefit from your pleas, but the entire premise of this column's tripe rests on the fact that people should be forced to support a deficient product.

The author of this drivel mentions that equally flawed Shattered Mirror: a pseudo-policy paper that makes the very convenient car that the federal government should be sugar daddies to newspapers.

If you have alienated readers, that is your fat. Not the fault of the taxpayer. They do not have to bail you out.

If they want your product, they knew where to get it.

And so bad is this product, people do not want it even if it is free.

You are not owed a newspaper. You are a business, not a public service.

And you cannot be a public service because then you are an arm for a governing regime, making you nothing more than a public relations firm for the Establishment.

You had your chance. You didn't make changes. You failed. The end.

Yes, we need facts, but not from the likes of you who thinks nothing of misusing a newspaper to beg for money. It is akin for an unpopular prime minister to beg for taxpayers to fund his reelection campaign because he cannot get enough donations to stay in the game.

You don't do that.

And the fact that you are doing that proves exactly why journalism is no longer a thing...