A newspaper pays women and minorities less than its white males? No kidding.

In 2018. This is not an anomaly. This is business as usual in journalism. For an industry that pretends to be progressive, they are anything but. When I worked as a journalist, the matter-of-fact sexism was rampant. I had editors who thought I would flip for the chance to cover bridesmaids' dresses. The implied reasoning was that as a young, single female, I was in journalism to find myself a rich husband and trick him into marrying me. The job was part of the master plan: I had a legitimate excuse for getting in contact with these fabulously wealthy bachelors, or least unhappily married man covertly, but actively on the prowl for a younger model.

That wasn't happening. I was there because that was my career. 

But it is a sexist business -- and a bigoted one. It is that skewed perspective that impacts ob coverage -- from the stories that are covered to the narratives used to tell them.

These stats do not surprise me -- nor that it is still happening in this day and age...