Why Facebook stinks at this whole journalism thing -- and why journalism stinks at this whole Internet thing.

Someone was kind enough to bring this article to my attention:


This sounds so important and innovative, but the list of winners blares that Facebook has no idea what journalism should be...but also that journalism still does not get what this whole Internet thing is all about.

In other words, journalism is still dead.

And money is being thrown into refurbished coffins.

Digital is not the future. It is the present, and the present is transitory.

So what does the shamed Facebook think is the future of journalism?

Trebble thinks trinkets like Amazone Echo will be broadcast centres. With privacy issues becoming a concern, it would be far better to create a new technology rather than rely on something that will be passé in a couple of years -- nor does this address the flawed structure of journalism.

Ground is the real knee-slapper -- promising  "to deliver verified, unbiased, full-coverage news combining social media, reporting from news publishers, and verification from citizen journalists."

If you honestly think that, you have no idea what "verified" or "unbiased" means. Citizen journalism makes the same mistakes as legacy journalism, except more of it more often. There is no system addressing the empirical deficits that brought down a profession.

The Gist is soft news revolving on women's sports. Not news. Not journalism. It is like entertainment journalism -- hero worship with a change in casting. Who wins gold at the Olympics is not going to give you a clue about anything that actually matters.

Readefined is the Big Brother journalists tell you Facebook is. You can stalk your audiences with it. Ironically, when communications had none of these stats, they had audiences and large ones. Now that you can spy on your audiences without their consent and you are free to do with that information whatever you wish -- including selling it to the Russians, Trump, Facebook, and Farrell's ice cream, those audiences are eroding at an increasingly rapid rate. The irony is really too much.

The Sprawl is the most clueless knuckleheads on the Facebook welfare line: Pop up journalism -- as if journalism wasn't always a pop-up thing. Children, you do realize journalists had to schlep to the places where trouble was going down, such as war zones and riots, right? "Pop Up" is the equivalent of "Secondary Economy": people in the latter group were always going to the pawn shop and selling their crap on garage sales and classified pages, but they weren't trying to use soon-to-be-dated terms to define it because the bottom line was they were in trouble, and they'd be better off trying to fix the problem then spin the problem into a solution.

Journalism and social media proved to be incompatible concepts. Dictatorship and anarchy. It is not as if we cannot have fact-gatherers; the problem is you have two clashing mindsets trying to wrest control -- and neither one is fertile ground for what society actually needs. Journalism lost its way, but social media liberated opinion without bothering itself to understand facts.

And you need respect for facts in order to report them. You are not going to find the solution to the journalism problem here. Not that it cannot be done, but it must be done outside a medium first...