Sheltered little boy in the principal's office: Why Facebook is truly under threat.

Mark Zuckerberg isn't handling the hot seat very well. He looks like a sheltered little boy who got away with all sorts of naughtiness, but he thought he was cunning and special, and didn't realize he could get in trouble when his antics were inconvenient -- and now he is being blamed by the government and media for allowing anarchy to flourish, threatening the old world order. The story hinges on a confirmation bias: it's perfectly all right for the old guard to spy on people to maintain control, but heaven help them if anyone else does the same thing. The threat of Mueller is a real knee-slapper, too.

Facebook has something in common with journalism: both their power hinged on public goodwill. Journalists have pounced on Facebook in a jealous rage, not realizing they are going to be discarded once Facebook has been chastened. Had Zuckerberg had the courage, he could have owned today: sharing all sorts of juicy information Facebook knew about various members of the government, but didn't use.

If Facebook collects information on everyone, then it all cancels itself out, but WikiLeaks they are not. He should have challenged the narrative, and shrugged it off. If he was someone who was not going to be bullied so easily, this non-scandal would have been cut off at the knees, but as he is sheltered, this sucker punch made him boyish and silly, and now the vultures will not stop until they destroy him.

He may be the founder of Facebook, but he seems clueless to the mindset social media created.


As I said, he could have owned today if he didn't make apologies for that new mindset. He doesn't have an actual feel for that new world -- and he is hopelessly stuck in that same intellectual void that legacy media has made its permanent resting place.

The attitude isn't Oh no! I got in trouble! It's yeah, the gate-keepers have to give that same power to the rest of the planet, and what's it to you? that pulls you out of hell.

He should have been offensive and unrepentant, and a guardian of the new world. He should have questioned the narrative and the motives for pushing it. He should have made all that gathered data free for everyone to have it.

That's all it would have taken. He should have WikiLeaked his own company. Every politician's online habits should have been put out there for the world to see. Which politician is playing Candy Crush at taxpayers' expense? Who is sexting behind their spouse's back? Who is taking payola and graft from lobbyists?

But that takes courage and conviction. Julian Assange he is not. He is retreating, and there will be real repercussions, and for those warlords doing the attacking, will be very surprised when their scheming doesn't go as planned.

As I keep saying about the traditionalists, you cannot go back and you cannot go home again. That house has been destroyed, and the global mindset is now too emboldened to be talked into going back into those dark little cages.

But Zuckerberg has hastened that anarchy with his sheepishness far more than anyone actually realizes...