The tantrums of the CJFE continues.

The CJFE is one of those organizations that uses a façade of nobility, but does very little to live up to their own hype. fb_img_1523279717834-1737831950.jpg

It is propaganda posters like this one that hints that they are not doing actual work.

They sent a video game to politicians to "educate" them. They give paper crowns to their own.

This isn't the world of the grown-up dealing with life and death. This is the life of a sheltered high school kid trying to curry favour with their social studies teacher.

If you are advocating "free expression" for journalists, that is not how you do it. You are there to offer legal representation, lobby for better laws, and otherwise do grunt work and wonk work.

You do not take political stances, even with governments that you do not like. You are paving a path, nothing more.

But I have mentioned CJFE's propagandistic shenanigans previously, but they are at it again.

Alienating any one group of people is not a mandate of an organization that is supposed to protect journalists.

Interestingly enough, I see nothing about Jordan Brake on their website. I would think they would have issued a statement, or fundraised for him.

It's these empty organizations that give a false sense that there is a structure in place, when there isn't.

Issuing decrees does not an organization make.

Relevant and effective actions, on the other hand, would be a very good start...