Bots run Twitter? You don't say, Wired!

You have to fill up that bottomless pit somehow. Twitter is spammish by design, and the Wired article pretty much states the obvious. Fake followers and Twitter's penchant for shadow banning in that white noise makes it a very fleeting experience. Very few people can make Twitter actually work. It makes dents in waves, and requires mass reaction to align at the right time. #MeToo is a rare success. Donald Trump also knew how to game it, but it is harder than it first appears. Twitter is anarchy, and requires a lot of massive work. Bots are needed to bring mass attention. Fake followers is the puffing to look successful. Rigging is an essential ingredient. It is not personalized, and its terse word limit prevents true connection.

Facebook is more personal: it talks of friends. Twitter has an arrogance with having followers.

Twitter's impersoanl nature makes it ripe for bots and carny. It's the reason Twitter never really impressed me, though I do have an account, but rarely use it except for having my blog posts go up there...