More on 60 Minutes and their advertorial-style reportage...

The third piece is not what journalism should ever be -- the love letter to the Harvard Lampoon is all fuzzy bunny and Harvard should use it for their promos. It is hard to imagine this is 60 Minutes. Aren't rich, white people hilarious is an odd choice to go after the one segment that had value.

The Oprah Winfrey segment on the memorial of victims of lynching was interesting. The US has a history of turning people into monsters who absolutely must be destroyed. African-Americans were lynched mainly in the South. Women were labelled witches and burned alive in New England. The national narrative is one where there always has to be a villainous group to defeat.

It is not a trait that is unique to the US. Much of Europe had their own dalliance with fascism, but their attempts with their own memorials did not always get new generations to understand the deeper message.


But I do agree that the consequences of slavery and lynching is still prevalent in modern culture -- and not just the fact the African-Americans are over-represented in the prison system. You have an unchallenged structure of thought that still permeates in a collective discourse.

Journalists back in the day never challenged the morality of those lynchings, just as they don't seem to challenge any authoritative-sounding narrative that tells them to demonize a group of Them.

It is either shameless fawning -- or a hateful smear job with no in-between...