I remember when 60 Minutes wasn't a government lapdog...

The Russia-scare continues, but the narrative has more than one very childish logical inconsistency going for it -- the narrative has now told the American people that they have the absolute most bumbling, incompetent, and oblivious government that ever existed. The excuse that this cyberattack wasn't noticed was that journalists were too obsessed with Trump's infamous sexist recording. Bravo, media!

The story makes it clear that the US has a loser press, and a loser government -- this is an extreme hard sell, all in the hopes to get people to give up their Internet freedoms, but really, if you have sleepwalking news media and a sleepwalking government, then you are safer taking your chances with the Internet than either group.

Why pay taxes? Why use journalism?

What have Russians proved? That they could have destroyed the US with a single click -- but then didn't? Why go through all that trouble when it is far more effective to empty bank accounts and shut down utilities? A high school prank doesn't make a whole lot of sense when they would have the means to make far greater damage -- they could top it off by leaking classified information and nuclear codes.

The story is pure propaganda, but very messy propaganda -- it is unfocussed and sounds like a rumour high school kids spread.

Once upon a time, 60 Minutes was a real newsmagazine -- it stood up to politicians, not run after them, being their faithful lapdogs. But in an Age of Propaganda, we can expect nothing less...