Civil War? Political allegiances? Twitter, have you gone insane? Do not think you can bamboozle political atheists. We are not pawns to be manipulated.

Jack Dorsey of Twitter obviously has too much free time on his hands, and has no idea what to do with himself in a democracy. He has a platform with all sorts of enraged people, and is sharing poorly-written propagandistic drivel with people.

It is supposed to be a childish misdirection because Donald Trump won the presidency because he knew Twitter better than the boys at Twitter.

I do not understand the fascist inclinations cropping up from both sides of the political divide; after all, if you are claiming that there is no “bipartisan way forward”, that means people all have to give up their brains and freewill and walk lockstep with pathetically undeveloped political ideology that doesn't work.

Don't expect a political atheist like me to buy the garbage that you are selling. I am not a follower of the Right. I am not a follower of the Left, either. That's just a script people follow so that they do not look like dorks to their friends.

There should be more than just "bipartisan." There should be multi-ideological schools of thought -- and yes, just because someone else's life requirements differ from yours, it does not mean they are defective.

Grow up. Understand the concept of tolerance and diversity. The Left thought they had a full-proof death machine to destroy their ideological rivals, and their delusion was proven to be just that -- a delusion.

My beliefs are not so fragile that an opposing point of view will destroy them, nor does everyone on this planet have to believe what I believe for me to keep my beliefs.

In fact, I can be the only person on the planet to have my beliefs, and guess what? I will still have them.

I am not a minion to be manipulated. I am not a pawn to be used in some ideological war.

What Twitter doesn't see is that power is very fleeting. The Internet is a transitory medium. It will not dominate forever, and we are already seeing attacks on Facebook. Twitter, which did not stand in solidarity with its kin, is not far behind.

It is a war, but Left-Right has got nothing to do with it. That's a misdirection. We have warlords trying to grab power -- but virtual power, and virtual means not real or true.

They are drawing silly lines in the sand, and their scam works only if people are gullible enough to obey those lines. People like me walk over lines: you are not keeping me back because you want to be a little obnoxious tyrant.

If you cannot tolerate different opinions, the problem is you. You have no content of character, sensitivity, or a moral compass -- and when you lack those things, you lack everything that matters.

No wonder society's intellectual and moral health has stagnated: when you try to impose your will and make empty decrees, you shut off your mind and heart to truths and reality. You can never find a solution any other way.

I don't know where the cult-like temper tantrums began, but they are worthless to the progression of society. There is no need for a "civil war" -- but there is a need to open new ideologies and ways of thinking to ensure little tyrants who make decrees are put in their place as they learn a lesson in tolerance and humility...