Journalism's Grifter's Meltdown.

I often have a peculiar sympathy for aging grifters. Their own arrogance and immorality blind them to their subtle shift in fortunes. When they are young and look unused and luscious, they lie to mommy and daddy who would rather let their transgressions slide than confront the little huckster and call them out for their duplicity. The kid thinks he is so cunning that he can bamboozle the grown-ups, never realizing that the parents and teachers see right through it, but let them pass because it takes wasted effort to fight and confront someone without life experience who is deceitful. Because they have youthful charm, they do not have an established reputation: so they go from job to job and lover to lover, playing the same games and getting something back for their grifter ways. They never see that older and more experienced grifters have sized them up and are also exploiting them, and then discard them when there is nothing left to use.

Eventually, the grifter is used up -- no longer cute and desirable, and when he or she tries to use the same stories and play the same tricks, they get nowhere.

It is a peculiar paradox: when they have less experience in the ways of grifterhood, they get more than when they do have experience. It is a trade-off, but one where they never get to their desired goals. They are alienated and isolated.

Straight shooters also tend to get isolated, but they get isolated for different reasons: they refuse to play the game. They aren't enabling delusions, and get punished for pointing out the truth, but the difference is the straight shooter develops instincts that the grifter never does. The straight shooter learns to trust himself and realistically assess the surroundings, while the grifter's conniving lens where he casts himself as the most cunning person in the universe can never see what's in store.

Journalism became the grifter, and its power always hinged on issuing marching orders for others to follow.

That wasn't supposed to be journalism. They weren't supposed to be issuing decrees or directives.

Just verified facts.

It would make their jobs simpler: what is happening right now? Where is there trouble? Who needs to know? How long has it been happening and why?

Once upon a time, you more or less got that, but now, it has become a propagandistic game of who to demonize. The press hates Russia, and now that China has entered the fray, warning the US that they are allies with Russia (that acceleration was an interesting byproduct of the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia, when NATO bombs hit the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999, it forever, if subtly, changing history as a result).


It may have been a tactical error on NATO's part in their obsession to treat one set of Eastern Orthodox people as dogs to be trained, but the ramifications are still yet to be felt.

It wouldn't have actually mattered if journalism didn't collapse, or at least, realistically understand that it was weakened by its own games and why.

Facebook got caught up in the propaganda game because journalists are still fuming that the little people have their own broadcasting outlets to express themselves, and one where everyone has equal footing. No one's page looks different than anyone else's.

Donald Trump proved that you can win a war campaign even when you are outgunned and outnumbered because his Twitter weapon worked better than the antiquated junk journalists were using. His strategies were superior than the old rulebook reporters memorized and thought never needed updating. Social media became the replacement, and then journalists realized they lost the war.

Not just a key battle, but the actual war.

The grifters have been having a long meltdown ever since.

And now they are trying to manipulate the optics to make people think they didn't lose.

So they still use the same stupid playbook, by thinking up stupid names for empty organizations such as the Journalism Trust Initiative.

You have to be trustworthy to be trusted, and when you have an organization whose very titles screams "Trust me!", you know you are dealing with a deceptive grifter.

They refuse to admit their methods are questionable; so while they have luddite stories about how bad social media is, they are pretending to embrace digital journalism.

Are you serious? People should just give up their freedoms they got from the Internet and just let you keep spewing your vitriol? Nice try.

Journalism lost the war because they were their own enemies. They still think they can go back to the days of having control over the masses. It's not working. The rest of the world has also awoken, and they are not going to let a foreign and defeated press put them in the same confines they did decades ago.

That the world needs an alternative to journalism is a given. We need straight shooters who can stand alone inform the world of what is happening, but not with propaganda and arrogant narrative.

Just tell us the facts. Stop trying to push people to make bad decisions that harm them. Stop trying to demonize millions of people over there. Stop trying to silence people and put words into their mouths.

Enough is enough. Let's move forward and leave these relic grifters behind. They overplayed their hand, and exposed themselves for the manipulative hucksters they always were.

Because people always knew they were being lied to, but were too afraid to say it out loud, but we can say it out loud, and should...right before we find a better and more respectful way of informing ourselves of what is happening all around us...