When stupid media stunts go awry

Juli Briskman, known throughout the world of losing her job for showing the president that she knows the digital phallic symbol, is suing her bosses for kicking her to the curb. I wrote about her antics before, but while some people think she is some sort of hero, she really didn't actually do anything of value. The guy she flipped the bird to still has his lofty job. She is suing on nit-picky and shaky grounds.

Meaningless gestures are a life sink and misdirection making you feel as if you are doing something when you are just doing nothing as the Establishment rolls over you. She had a nice job with perks, and now she's reduced to hashing it out with an employer who didn't want the stench of her juvey stunt all over them.

Her stunt bothered me then, and it bothers me now. Make your moments count -- there was an opportunity, and there better ways to take advantage of it...