The War of the Partisan Press continues

For people who want to cover reality and truth of important issues as they are, they no longer have a legitimate media outlet to do it. It is the Era of the Partisan Press where kettles call pots black all the time. We have Left-wing media and Right-sing media. People are supposed to swear allegiance to one artificial political divide or the other, which means ideology first, and facts don't matter. Not anymore.

And each partisan outlet can pretend they are the avatars of truth. No, you're not. You are pointing out your rivals flaws as if yours don't exist.

CNN is acting childish pointing out that someone who worked for Sinclair Broadcasting resigned due to "obvious bias."

So, of course, he walks over the line to tell the other partisan press all about it.

Think Progress's propaganda-fest is even more brazen:

Sinclair Broadcast Group has found itself in hot water in recent days after a script for one of its “must-run” segments was published online. But despite the fallout, the controversy has done little to hamper its efforts to recruit young journalists and those desperate for work.

Cue in the sad violin music, children:

The backlash was swift but has yet to hit the company’s bottom line. Sinclair, America’s largest owner of local news stations, continues to pursue its $3.9 billion dollar purchase of Tribune Media which, if approved, would give Sinclair control of more than 200 stations and the ability to reach more than 70 percent of  American households.

But the worst is yet to come:

But there’s a major problem. Behind the postings — which are often exclamation-point-laden and vague about what the job actually entails — are work contracts which are nothing short of predatory.

In many of those contracts — several of which have been shared with reporters in the wake of the must-run script controversy — Sinclair states that it reserves the right to fire a journalist if they become disabled and can no longer “present a pleasant personal appearance and a strong, agreeable voice.” Sinclair employees also have to agree not to “materially alter his/her physical appearance” or express their own political views. In an employee handbook obtained by HuffPost, Sinclair states, “You should not have any expectation of personal privacy in any communication using Company owned equipment.”

Contracts for content-providers have always been horrendous. Let's not forget about NDAs that allowed sexual harassment to flourish in newsrooms for years. Let's not forget that reporters had been underpaid, and often have been forced to sign away their moral rights, as well as their proper compensation if the company chooses to re-use their work.

And in countless cases, people working for media outlets were paid interns working for free and working overtime for an opportunity that never materialized.

But let's only look at one of the warring factions with the default assumption that the other side is just great. It's not. It's equally horrid. It is those predatory contracts that ensure that real journalism was never practiced in the first place because they pay was lousy, and people who were always afraid of speaking the truth and losing their livelihood in a cutthroat market.

Reporters' salaries have always been pittance, and the turnover is extremely high. You have broadcast journalists in major markets unable to make ends meets, but have to look well-to-do on their own dime. It's the reason most have to find a second job or two, and even then, everything hinges on the main job that can vanish in a heartbeat.

It was always a lousy system, and Sinclair is just one that takes full advantage of it...