Memo to iPolitics: Why aren’t we more freaked out about the Russians? Because we're not stupid.

The Cold War should be over by now, yet the press always loved a bogeyman to justify their paranoia. iPolitics is openly wondering why the propaganda campaign is a bust. Well, here's the thing: the whole Trump-Russia-Facebook angle is just a narrative used by the deluded journalists into explaining away why their profession collapsed. They do not want to look at their dismal numbers or their self-serving methods as the culprits.

Second, people in power always meddle in everyone else's affairs; so they can ignore their own incompetency. London can rage about Russia and ignore their Brexit woes and that their murder rate eclipses New York City. People aren't stupid: they know the ramifications of Brexit. They know they aren't safe to walk home from work or school -- and they are getting tired of the misdirection.

If journalism was credible, they would find facts, not narratives or scary monsters. It gets tiresome, but the perpetual denial is hiding the real horrors with scary ghost stories that in the end, mean nothing...