CNN is a down-the-middle news brand!? Hollywood Reporter, just how clueless are you?

The press is so partisan, it has no idea what it shills anymore. The Hollywood Reporter is actually trying to paint CNN as being down-the-middle, and that cable news shows are still a thing. The so-called "Trump Bump" is not as being as it is being played out on cable; after all, when programs have a few hundred thousands viewers, it is not much of a stretch to account for variances in viewership to a mere margin of error. We are not seeing the hiring sprees one would expect of such a rating boom.

These shows are still done cheaply, and are not as attention-grabbing as they make themselves to be. These are the channels of waiting rooms that merely add to the white noise.

CNN is left-of-cetnre, while CNBC is lefter-of-centre. Fox is very right-of-cente. There is no centrist news outlet.

All three shill to a certain audience: the problem is CNN and CSNBC go after the same audience, and the audience is so small, it cannot accommodate both channels; ergo it is the older-skewing CNN that pays the price...