The Battle of the Zombie Grifters: It is war between the Partisan Left and the Partisan Right. How a dead profession cannibalizes itself one propaganda campaign at a time.

America is under siege, and it is a zombie attack. The dead profession of journalism wants citizens to join the ranks of the undead and it has thrown a virus into the mix, known as Propaganda. Yes, it is really that dreadful, but as not too many people want to be zombies or hang out with zombies, the siege has been something of an epic bust.

That's why citizens found a nice refuge on social media and walked away from journalism in droves.

Zombies are not pleasant to listen to with their babbling, and they stink.

So seeing that the pickings are, like, super-slim, the zombies have turned on each other. It is a Zombie War, kids.

But since zombies have rotten cabbage for brains, thinking up how to divide themselves into sides was reduced to Left and Right.

Dead journalism has been reduced to partisan propaganda with two grifter warlords trying to reclaim the glory.

The Left side of the partisan equation have gone full-force, being the quintessential paranoid conspiracy theorists extraordinaire. Everyone is to blame: Trump, Russia, Facebook, and the Right-wing media.

The mainstream Left are the equivalent of the Alt Right media, with both sides battling each other for ideological supremacy. It truly is a lose-lose war.

Both the Left and the Right have been busy, playing the same con games, but then pointing out the con games of the other side to prove their brand of partisanship is superior to enemy's side. It is a form of meta-propaganda.

No one reports the facts anymore. It is just one agit-prop campaign after another.

When I wrote OutFoxed, I was privy to intern emails from the FNC, dictating how things would be covered. In Canada, one major newspaper chain centralized their editorials for all of their papers as they also wanted writers to waive their moral rights.

So let's just say that journalism has been stifling independent over the last couple of decades. This erosion is nothing new -- it happens nationally and locally, mainstream and  fringe, and through broadcast and print.

So when one media outlet points out the sins of another, it is a war tactic. It is akin to a group of armed soldiers telling you that their enemies are armed, and therefore untrustworthy.


It is why both sides of this equation are equally manipulative. They want control. They want power. They cannot stand that people may discover that those lines in the sand are not divine, and there may be better ways to develop an ideology that doesn't involve getting a script and then following it to the letter.

So when partisan on the Right Sinclair Group had their on-air talent not present news but a partisan propaganda tactic, the partisans on the Left jumped on it with their own partisan propaganda tactic of showing the various anchors repeat the same script.

Fight propaganda with more propaganda.

The default assumption is, of course, Sinclair is issuing a script and its enemies exposed it; ergo, the enemies are right, but considering one group showed one cluster...and then another did the same thing, they are, in fact, doing what Sinclair did. They are no different.

And the worst of it is that we have no alternative to a dead profession. We have a war of two grifters trying to reclaim power. We even see governments panicking that they are losing their grip, with France wanting more control over social media.

It's a changing world terrifying the old guard whose old feints and gambits have failed them -- and they would have never allowed for social media and search engines in the first place if they knew how liberating it would have been.

Anarchy slipped in, along with the idea that you didn't need someone else to validate your thoughts or serve as a middleman to relay your life for you. It is a war on all fronts with journalism's partisan sides battling each other as they battle social media for dominance they can never regain.

Let them slap fight each other. That's not the problem -- it's the lack of the alternative that matters -- and it matters right now...