Where there is Propaganda, there is a War going on. In this case, it is a war against social media.

The fear-mongering against Social Media goes on. Bloomberg has one propaganda piece, and NPR has another, with the typical bigoted Left-wing chauvinism against anyone who is an Orthodox Christian. Right-wing partisan press have their targets as Bogeymen to be feared.


But the Left partisan press are also out of control.

You have national media acting like hayseeds and yokels, by pretending that they do not know that their own government -- as well as every other country on the planet -- also engages in propaganda. All the time. They engage on it with foreign countries -- and on their own people. Articles such as the two cited above suffer from a severe confirmation bias: they look at the Them, and conveniently ignore the cases of Us.

If we are exposed to propaganda from every angle, then we can expect some people to take one side, and some will take the opposite, and you will have another group who see through both scripts and think for themselves.

If we are not exposed to propaganda, people to take one side, and some will take the opposite, and you will have another group who see through both scripts and think for themselves.

In other words, we seek propaganda that seems to be convenient to our egos, beliefs, actions, and life.

Propagandists must appease the target audience, not the other way around: they must tell us precisely what we want to hear.

We like to see ourselves as being superior to Them.

And in this case, journalists do not want to hear the truth -- that they have been weakened because their structural deficiencies and arrogance did them in.

That is not the fault of social media that had far less experience than journalism.

That also is not the fault of Russia because their own propaganda during the Communist era was so "effective", that their people didn't believe it, laughed at it, and then the Communist Era fizzled out.

Russian propaganda has always been vastly inferior to Western propaganda.

Take their ineffectiveness at beguiling their own people, and then couple it with trying to beguile a foreign country with vastly different thought processes.

I have met young adults who immigrated to Canada from former Communist countries -- they openly laughed and referred to their nation's newscasts as "the propaganda" -- and not one was older than eighteen. They couldn't even con children. That is like fearing a really bad magician is tricking children into believing in witchcraft.

But there is a true fear in North American journalism, and you cannot blame them for running scared. They screwed up their profession beyond repair, and they did so spectacularly. They strutted around making decrees for decades, deciding who people would cheer as a Great Man -- and who they would shun as a pariah.

They know the ways of propaganda as well, as their narratives were nothing more than manipulative yarns.

It didn't help them, either.

They still collapsed, and are now trying to wage a war against social media, Donald Trump, Russians, and the citizens of their own countries who discover to use the platform to do their own talking.

Propaganda can be effective, but its potency is a fickle one. So long as people want to believe it, it works.

But once they see there is nothing to be gained by believing that lie, they suddenly walk away from it.

As they should laugh at this latest attempt at The Propaganda, and walk away bravely and happily...