Memo to Los Angeles Review of Books: Journalism couldn't be saved. It was done a long time ago. What destroyed journalism is what is destroying social media as we speak.

Western thought is one that is in perpetual state of denial. No problem should be taken seriously because magically It Will All Work Out In The End. The mysterious benevolent organization known as They will save us from the mysterious villains knowns as Them. The Los Angeles Review of Books has an illiterate article Can Journalism Be Saved?

Oh, you have to be kidding me.

Journalism is dead.

You have newspapers, but they do not churn out news, but propaganda. The sophistry, opinion, and cheerleading discredited them a long time ago.

Facebook is in the crosshairs because tis architects thought that just because they had a spiffier vehicle, they could drive to the same abyss their predecessors did and not feel any consequences.

And now journalism has been trying to explain away their death in a way that reassures them it will work out to their favour.

Trump could not have won because people ignored legacy media -- it had to be a trick! Russia! Facebook! Somebody else!

No, people voted for Trump because they were Republicans, put-off by Hillary Clinton, and/or genuinely liked Donald Trump. He has been in the public eye for decades.

The over-thinking is absurd: people do not actually inform themselves when they cast their ballot: they go by gut, and usually vote people out rather than vote people in.

In the US, a president usually gets two terms, and then the switch to the other party. Voters also usually give a president a pass by voting in the same party in both Houses.

Then people get impatient, and then the ruling party lose their majority in both houses, but the president gets a second term.

And then cycle begins.

There are very few deviations, meaning any "mind-reading" campaign that gives you the same result as all the other elections means it was all for nothing.

And that's what journalism has always failed to grasp. They were never leaders. They followed trends, meaning they reflect rather than shape.

Their image of power is largely a delusion. They bought their own hype, and Trump called their bluff, and they learned something I have known long ago: journalism is a mirage.

As is social media. People flocked to it because it was new and made promises it couldn't keep, and when those promises failed to materialized, people turned on it.

Journalism -- and Facebook -- survived on public goodwill alone, but when they tried to exert that illusionary power, they lost that goodwill. It was never the facts because journalism never actually provided them; it was the promise of seeming informed and smart -- and having the acceptable opinion -- that was the real draw.

Journalism didn't live up to their promise and collapsed. Facebook is doing the same.

That is the reason journalism couldn't be saved: it discredited itself, and then people moved away. People will flock to something new -- and it's not going to be journalism. Their ship sailed a long time ago...