The press hates a conspiracy theory...

Unless it explains why they failed. Then they eat it all up. Especially if they can defer to a government to say there is a conspiracy to explain their failure.

Cambridge Analytica's Christopher Wylie is getting a free pass in the press without any sensible skepticism. He can offer conjecture about murder without rudimentary proof, and that's just fine. Facebook is feeling the sting by association, but the tizzy reminds me a lot another foreign person who testified in front of politicians who roused this kind of media frenzy -- a teenaged girl named Nayirah, who assertion that she witnessed Iraqi soldiers killed Kuwaiti newborns sparked the Gulf War.

The story turned out to be more than just bogus -- it was carefully choreographed by Hill and Knowlton, a powerful public relations firm. I find it interesting that all of this is unfolding in the UK, a place where foreign interests do not have to register with a public database which lobby group/law firm/PR firm.

Whenever a major story unfolds neatly, there is usually a PR firm behind the newsmaker -- and a wealthy benefactor footing the bills. It never fails. Someone makes sensational claims, the press eats it up, but further digging reveals lies, exaggerations, or an attempt to deflect attention from the benefactor's darker deeds.

Most whistleblowers never get support from the press -- they are exploited, labelled as disgruntled, and then discarded as their lives are forever ruined, may who end up being successfully sued or thrown in jail with no public sympathy. More often than not, whistleblowers cannot actually get press attention at all. So when you have one that does get traction, there is usually a wealthy patron pulling the strings for their own benefit -- usually to dethrone a rival, or gain money and power.

We don't know anything because the coverage has been one-sided -- we need to know more about the actual dynamics going on. This is unfolding like a Hollywood script, and things are far messier in real life than this. The press loves it because they are given a false excuse why they lost power. They are hoping they will be able to get their power back, and then spew propaganda just like always.

It won't happen, of course. The press is being used, and will be discarded. Their weapons are outdated, and the habit of the Internet has been established for the last couple of decades. There is no going back.

But there are still too many unanswered questions here -- and no one is willing to find the answers because the narrative provides false comfort and it is too easy to accept it...