The New Conspiracy Theorists: Why journalists keep looking for them.

Facebook, fake news, Russia, and Cambridge Analytica/AggregateIQ are all out to trick you and manipulate you. This has been the press's very peculiar narrative for a long time. They weren't always paranoid conspiracy theorists, but suddenly, that is their one and only way to see the world.

There is a simple explanation for it: people who have no control start to blame others to preserve their lofty self-opinion. Journalists cannot imagine that they called Brexit and Trump wrong -- there had to cheating and that explains why the little people didn't do what they predicted would happen.

It's not true, of course. The little people found their true love on social media in the form of their own selfies. Who needs the news media to tell them anything else?

It is fear and arrogance talking. We see a incestuous clique stick together and then start to infect their own perceptions by pep-talking their way to absolute paranoia. It's absurd, and destructive.

Are there people who scheme and plot to manipulate you? Yes, there always is people like that in power, including the press, and now that industry is terrified of their loss of power and trying to explain it away.

It's not working because people are also in love with their own memes that express their worldview and find it cooler to the dreck the press is churning out...