Propaganda runs wild: Turning AI and social media into android Bogeymen because we can't villainize people anymore.

If it comes from the CIA, then it must be true. Or something like that.

The fear-mongering continues with this piece, scaring people with the idea that fake news will be even eviler with not just social media, but also artificial intelligence. 

It will be "harder to spot", and you will be helpless to spot the difference, you empty-headed moron, you.

As if human beings such as journalists haven't been spewing propaganda for decades.

And it wasn't hard to figure it out.

I wrote the book on how to do it. All propaganda works because it appeals to base, instinctual drives, making it "optimized" and "personalized" to almost everyone.

This fear-mongering is very deliberate -- to shatter the love affair people have with social media. Turn them afraid, and then they will defer to some authority to do their thinking for them so they can build up those gates and relinquish that power.

Facts are facts. Truth is truth. You verify information, and not even AI can override reality. People moved away from traditional media because it was no longer credible. The public ran toward an alternative at the first opportunity.

Now that freedom threatens the old guard, and they are pulling out all the stops.

I doubt that this medium has legs to survive because it is an unstable and transitory medium, but I do believe we'll see a fifth medium in the not-too-distant future.

We can handle AI just as we handle manipulators with multiple degrees who worked with CIA. Critical thinking can be taught. It is not a rote script that you memorize and then never upgrade your thinking.

People need to get over their fear -- and institutions should really get over themselves. These threats are meant to make people freeze in fear, and then run to a saviour to think for them as they hold everyone's hand.

There is no They out there. There is Us. We need to stop being paranoid, and start learning how to break down narratives, and then find the facts.

It is not hard to be an active thinker who isn't credulous or mentally lazy, looking for shortcuts. When you are that kind of thinker, even the most advanced AI cannot impose lies on reality...