Memo to the National Post: Of course you were colluding. You always walked lockstep with each other, starting with news pegs.

This column is very typical of the constant justification Canadian journalism always had:

We're not colluding, Competition Bureau. We're fighting for our lives

They are never wrong. They are always right. They are always justified. They never need to improve. They never need to change. They have an excuse for everything.

Right off the bat, the author of the piece doesn't seem to get it:

It’s not often Canadian newspaper offices are searched by government agents; it’s the kind of event one reads about in reports from the world’s trouble spots.

Memo to Terence Corcoran: yes, you are living in one of the world's trouble spots. You are living in a nation that has a very high rate of citizens with university degrees who have abandoned you. You do not have the luxury of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who can blame the deplorables for not supporting you. If you cannot comprehend that you are living in a country of educated people who have one of the highest literacy rates and Internet access rates in the world and are not supporting local media, you have a country in silent peril.

It only gets sillier from there, with the requisite indignant accusations of the Competition Bureau being absurd and silly because newspapers have lost lots of money; so creating a near monopoly is okay.

No, it's not.

It wasn't okay to not dig deep and make fundamental changes the industry need to thrive, not just survive.

But reporters were always brainless little followers, running after blowhard players who pretended to be Great Men as you all cribbed press releases and copied each other with "news pegs". It was always a rote profession, and it should have never been one.

I doubt the Competition Bureau can do anything to address the rot that destroyed newspapers in Canada. Journalists, editors, and media owners cannot do it anymore, either.

But they can continue to be in denial, thinking that everything they do is justified as they pounce on Facebook's every sin, as if legacy media never had a warehouse or two of their own they have yet to acknowledge, let alone atone for...