Denver Post blames their woes on Alden Global Capital. It was their own sleepwalking that did them in.

The melodrama continues with the press incessantly talking about their woes. This propaganda piece is meant to drive the point that Evil hedge fund decimated the paper with few left standing. Boo hoo. There is a video to show the bloodbath, but here is the spoiler:


If the problem was unique to The Post, that would be one thing, but this is a global problem.

Journalism collapsed. We can blame the hedge funds -- or social media or the lawyers -- but the problems are far deeper than that. Readers have been leaving and it has been going on long before that.

It is easier to blame others than to look inward, and journalists are looking for any scapegoat they can -- Russia, Trump, Facebook, readers, advertisers, and just about anyone or anything that isn't a journalist.

It's not true. Journalism never kept up with the times, and the rest of the world did. The results are inevitable, and videos like this show the journalists look at everything to blame but themselves...