Are the eyes the mirror of one's soul? 60 Minutes' narrative gets co-opted.

The Drudge Report has prominent play that 60 Minutes had the highest ratings in a decade for last night's Freak of the Week interview -- as well as Right-wing Gateway Pundit's piece about the pupil dilation of Stormy Daniels. It was the Twitter chatter, of course. All the make-up and lighting couldn't keep the eyes from scrutiny. The call was "drug use", and that's the kind of gossip that alters a narrative  that gets away from those are trying to compose a story of a Bad Guy and a Victim. While the news media is trying to play up the "goon factor", the "doped up vixen" narrative is overshadowing it -- and of course, it implies a stoned accuser may be having hallucinations about the whole thing.

Her attorney is trying to play games, of course, ominously hinting they have more "evidence." It is a gambit and a dodgy one. Monica Lewinsky kept that infamous blue dress and in the end, it meant nothing. Her character was torn to shreds and her past was nothing like Daniels's.

Most people who enter the wasp's nest have no idea what is in store for him. Daniels may think her past will prepare her, but it won't. She seems put together and direct, but it was ignored and her eyes -- the one thing she couldn't hide, ended up being the focus of viewers' minds immediately.

You cannot be Batman-prepared for these things, when you have people who are Sherlock Holmes-ready to take your narrative apart.

The interview did nothing to illuminate the subject or change anyone's mind one way or another -- it did give some quick Monday-morning gossip as it made people feel like they discovered something 60 Minutes seemed oblivious to in their interview...