Yes, journalism covers the Elite. That is not news. That the elite still managed to destroy journalism despite their best rigs and advantages is newsworthy.

FAIR has a very interesting -- and thoughtful -- article worth reading about how journalists from publications such as the New York Times are elites themselves, meaning they walk lockstep with the robber barons they drool over as they lick their boots. This is the suffocation theory of journalism: you never allow the fresh air of new or novel theories, facts, or ideas to ever make it over the airwaves or in print; therefore you suffocate people's critical thinking skills, and they accept the staleness of bad ideas as being a natural and divine mindset that is logical, moral, and normal.

It isn't, of course, and we have seen these rigs throughout history: who had rich men decree that women were property -- and that it was God's will; so to question this very convenient power grab was just horrific and ridiculous.

And women marched to this scam for centuries, until you had enough women see the men have all the fun, money, and power, and snapped right back to their senses and then had to fight for something they should have never had to fight for in the first place.

We celebrate women who were forced to be distracted on removing rigs, when we really should be livid that these women could have spent their brains and focus on something better -- like, finding a better way to do journalism, finding the cure for cancer that doesn't involve poisoning, butchering, and torturing the sick, or improve the way we live our lives in general.

We will now be forever denied those innovations because those same women had to dedicate their entire lives on a stupid game.

To be Elite is to be a hoarder of power, control, and health. The central problem of capitalism has always been turning a blind eye on people who could bypass right based on their psychological weaknesses of (a) hoarding, and (b) pathological selfishness that manifests itself through deceptions, trickery, bullying, narcissism, anger control, cheating, and being an out and out psychopath.

Had capitalism taken mental health into consideration from the get-go, we would have a very different outcome. Capitalism rewards bad behaviour and penalizes the good.

But that was not the intent of capitalism. That was the oversight that was its unintentional flaw.

It also didn't anticipate a press who would cheerlead these kinds of destructive behaviours, and spin them to look as if these were Great Men, and visionaries.

The problem with rigs is that they are dependent on accepting rules. If someone turns over the rule, it become fragile and breaks. Break too many rules, and the rigs collapse, exposing the true nature of a system's flaws.

That's why it is important to constantly question and improve a system instead of accepting it as gospel.

The Elites, despite their every advantage, screwed their prime vehicle to spin propaganda to the masses. Journalism still collapsed because people would rather admire their social media feeds than admire people who have more money than they do.

Advantages are only there so long as everyone agrees what you possess is an advantage: dilute it or make it mundane, and then the advantage turns to a liability.

It is the reason journalism has collapsed: its intentions were corrupted from informing the people to pacifying them so that they don't start asking hard questions about those Elites.

The article brings up a few good points, but that Elites control old school journalism isn't news.

What is news is that they messed up playing their own game, anyway, and that calls the competency of an profession into question...