They are starting the Devolution! Welcome to the first generation begging for the adults to control and restrict them while they clean up their messes. Seriously.

The Selfie Generation are certainly full of themselves. They are starting a devolution. They kill each other with guns, and then demand the grown-ups clean up their messes.

This is the first generation willingly giving their power to the Establishment.

Please be our nannies! They are marching in the streets, demanding that the government control them.

They want to be controlled by the government. They want to be restricted and confined.

Once upon a time, America was the place where people risked everything to get away from monarchs, tyrants, and dictators to live on their own terms. They were the revolutionaries.

And now we have a vain and ignorant generation marching on the streets demanding that their rights be taken away because they cannot be trusted.

Oh, make no mistake: they cannot be trusted. They absolutely know the content of their character and have spoken loudly at its emptiness. Their judgement has been completely destroyed by selfie.

They are not visionaries. They are not creative. They are not innovative. They are not brave. They are not truthful. They are not honest. They are not kind. They are not smart.

They have made it known by march. #NeverAgain do they want the responsibility of being free and responsible for their own destiny.

Has-been celebrities smelled their fear and are running there to co-opt the message to jump start their dead careers after the Women's Marches weren't as newsworthy.

It seems as if American society peaked, and now is going backwards.

Once upon a time, you had youth fight for their freedom. They marched not be drafted into wars they did not sanction. They fought for their civil rights. They fought for the rights over their own bodies. They fought not to be slaves and not to be property of their husbands. They fought for their love to be sanctioned and tolerated.

They fought to be free.

And now they want to be put in cages.

No, they are demanding to be put in cages to be protected from themselves.

They are prey and are willing to take away their own freedoms.

And what is prey in a cage?

A faceless morsel to be exploited and devoured.

Yes, there is a violence problem in America. If you deal with the violence, you keep your freedoms.

But that's not what is happening.

It is the opposite.

This generation has built their own cult with the fortress of sophistry, fear, and selfies.

Remember when the Occupy Movement was about fighting for freedom? It was not that long ago.

But then came the Resistance, but something was off.

And now we see what it is: a movement to be restricted and confined, which is an admission that you are not independent, authentic, or trustworthy.

It will be interesting to see what will be the next right they will demand be taken away.

They should be very careful what they wish for because there is no shortage of psychopathic tyrants willing to give them exactly what they want -- and then some...