#DeleteFacebook? And pretend the others aren't invading privacy? Why panicking on cue won't change anything.

Facebook is using dead trees to say they are very, very, very sorry. Dead trees media is pouncing all over it, those jealous kiddies with the Globe and Mail going full force with the fear-mongering calling it a "threat to democracy" and it achieving a ominous new narrative.

Seriously stupid.

Let's review the last decade of social media, you know, the one where people were repeatedly warned about privacy issues, and could see that algorithms and cookies meant all your information would be store by third parties who made you agree to Terms of Service that stated that pictures and documents you stored would become their property.

And now, all of a sudden, people finally got around to reading the memo?

The memo written by vested interests who have always thought they had a right to know everything and were constantly in court looking to lift bans and have access to your information for their profit -- not public service.

And it was never just Facebook. No, sorry, offended people. It is all of them, from your hardware to your software to your social media.

It was okay until someone started to engage in warfare, scare-mongering specifically.

Now people want to delete Facebook?

Really? Do you scare that easily?

It is like the spouse whose mate always cheats out in public, and the warnings are ignored until the day the person decides this is a bad thing and then throws a fit.

It was never the cheating the was the deal-breaker. That was the price of having a relationship, but then something else happened to cause the explosion.

In this case, people are not getting rich and famous providing content on social media.

It was never about the privacy. Facebook had done much worse, and it didn't cause the sort of temper tantrum we are seeing now.

The press tried to get people angry back in 2016, but there wasn't the anger. One newspaper headline read:

After reading this, you'll probably NEVER trust Facebook again

Yeah, but then where could you plaster your latest airbrushed selfie?

This would not have even been as bad had Mark Zuckerberg not wait five days to respond. That left a vacuum, and crisis management is all about getting ahead of a scandal.

You don't wait five days, and then use the Same Day Apology to combat it.

That was a tactical error, and as I have said before, I am surprised they never anticipated a scandal and struck back within the hour.

The other tech companies are trying to deflect attention away from their own sketchy deeds by distancing themselves from Facebook.

It won't be hard to shift the narrative for Facebook. It is not that hard to do as the reaction is too artificial to begin with. Whenever I hear the temper tantrum, I point out the person's current toy, and ask a few questions about how well do they know how they are being tracked by their own trinket.

Because I am not playing in this childish game. Facebook's silence is the only reason people are talking about it at all instead of wondering about the bigger privacy invasions that are going on as we speak...