The Anti-Facebook propaganda campaign keeps on going: Self-interest is not news, Globe and Mail kiddies.

Serial plagiarist Margaret Went is walking lockstep with the anti-Facebook diatribes. Dou Saunders is marching to the same tune, too.

For all those people whose privacy was invaded by the press, and those invaded by the government, these cases do not count.

Edward Snowdon's warnings about government meddling have been for nothing. Nothing has changed, but the government is not the news media's competition. Facebook is.

Should anyone delete their Facebook account? Are you taking quizzes, and revealing your innermost thoughts?

Or are you taking pictures of your restaurant meals so that your siblings can be jealous of you?

Propaganda brings both fear and paranoia, creating helpless and outraged victims.

And there is no reason for that fear. Why would anyone delete Facebook when you can make demands of the company instead?

The problem is people always expect They to fix things and clean up messes, and there is no such group. People are disconnected, and then others take advantage. You have a powerful tool -- you do not give it up because you didn't make demands -- you can have conditions and then you have a product that suits your needs more.

Journalists would love nothing more than people to relinquish their power and their freedoms and come crawling back to them. Their sins are far worse than Facebook's, and they have a vested interest in misrepresenting the reality of the situation.

I am not buying the snake oil they are selling -- I use Facebook just like any other tool -- a saw can be handy, but you don't misuse it to trim your nails.

Besides, your personal information is not all that valuable -- so don't get worked up over nothing, especially if you don't get engaged in your world...