Dealing with reality: Your narratives, sophistry, and sanctioned insanity are your games. And no one is obliged to play them.

There is no such thing as "sacred space" or "safe space." That is not just a hypothetical construct, or even fantasy based in a patriarchal structure, but it is a xenophobic lie that propagandists love to invoke to create an Us versus Them dynamic. It is also more than drawing a line in the sand and building a wall around a group. The Left may make fun of Donald Trump, for wanting to build a wall, but theirs is an intangible one.


So when I hear a group get upset that someone violated a "safe space" or "sacred space" by reporting on what the group has whispered among themselves, I merely shake my head, wondering if that same group realize what danger they place themselves with that sort of thinking.

Safe space or sacred space is basically prey advertising to predators where the chicken coop is, and it makes the predator's job easy.

When I was attending j-school, there was a problem with the behaviour of some of male classmates, and one of the female students decided to hold a meeting at her place with the other young women. I declined going. I knew what was going to happen: someone was going to designate herself a spy for the guys, and report back everything, violating the "safe space." I had nothing to add because if I did, I would report it to who was in charge (which I did, but nothing was done about it), and tell it to the face of the person who was hassling me (which I did as well).

The meeting was just expressing the obvious to the wrong people, and would accomplish nothing, except shatter trust and give an advantage to the group who was being abusive.

And that is precisely what happened. Someone tattled, and nothing came out of it except a lot of hurt feelings.

It is the reason why #MeToo, despite its flaw, has the right idea of making the problems public. You are out in the open, not holed up in a cage, and when you have a "safe" or "sacred" space, that is precisely what you are doing -- creating a cage to house the designated prey.

When you are out in the open, you learn to stand up for yourself and be honest. You learn to hone your strength and instincts. You depend on no one but yourself.

When you isolate yourself, you become passive. You do not learn to assess people, but make an unwarranted assumption that people allowed into the Prey Club have your back, and that's rubbish. You are close enough to have that knife stuck in your back. You never learn how to navigate out in the open where there are far more opportunities than in that artificial and restrictive cage.

Grouping based on victimhood is akin to a chicken coop -- everyone gets focussed on being prey, and not learning to spot danger. You are vulnerable to the foxes and weasels, and when you get targeted, you have no way of pushing back -- you do not know how to deal with different people, or even getting to see the variation of thoughts, beliefs, and strategies.

The Left are doing what the Right has been doing with Fox News -- it designates a group as "victims", herds them into a cage, and then repeatedly tells them how to be paranoid, afraid, and self-pitying. That cannot solve a single problem.

And it doesn't.

Because in order to create that misnamed "safe space", you have to build invisible walls that are not aligned with truth or reality. You have to use false narratives to lure people in -- a sink or swim fallacy that if you don't band together, you all are going to be devoured.

Then you have to shut down dissent or debate inside this enclave by using sophistry -- twisting arguments to justify cowering in a cage, rather than go out in the open, and be honest and truthful. I am a human being. I do not want to be confined or constricted. These rigs are destructive, and I am not going to tolerate them.

That shows strength, not weakness, but the Chicken Coop will tell you otherwise.

And when we have that coop, we have to justify an unnatural action: sticking together on some contrived pretence; so to enforce the bond, you bring in sanctioned insanity as you punish anyone who wants to be free out in the open, and sees no reason to be cooped up.

It serves another purpose: to keep the designated prey away from the labelled predators so it becomes easier to build them up as monsters.

When you are out in the open, you personalize yourself to others -- and you learn to stand up to bullies, who cannot go running into their own rabbit holes: they have to deal with you.

They have to get to know you just as you have to get to know them.

You air your grievances, negotiate, and come up with a solution that benefits you both without trampling over the other.

That is how progress is made. Not running away, but running toward.

Fox News created the coop for people on the Right who didn't reach their dreams or goals. Other news channels saw their success, and then used the same partisan formula to try to herd people on the Left who also didn't reach monster success.

Neither side can possibly win because you have two groups who see themselves as victims, citing the cage as proof of it.

No, you ran into that cage for shelter and protection without asking if the price was worth it.

It wasn't.

What you have are two groups following the same made-up rules, and then having breakdowns that not everyone is gullible enough to follow those rules.

You cannot stick the whole world in a cage. The people on the outside are far stronger and capable because they got feedback from their defeats and rewards for the persistence. They didn't give up, and their worlds expanded.

Safe space is not a place -- it is a state of mind, and when your state of mind is that the world is a playground and not a battlefield, you don't need cover to progress and grow...