Dealing with reality, Part Two: Does gun control actually work? No. We ought to try our hand at violence control instead.

It is hard to believe that people under 30 use the Internet. I am pretty sure they hold fake god phones and stare at the screen looking at absolutely nothing at all. You are going to have little Marches for Lies because if those kids actually were informed human beings, they wouldn't be marching or asking for gun control.

They would be calling their representatives demanding violence control.

I am now sure that we have an illiterate generation.

You want gun control?

All right, riddle me this: France has very strict and complicated gun control laws, and this morning we have dead people there because a terrorist used a gun to take a life and take hostages.

France has serious problems with illegal guns. 

Your mental health records are people bypass that little inconvenience by getting illegal ones.

CNN has a deceptive article stating how gun ownership has been halved in France, but that's only the legal ones.

Not the illegal ones.

And when you have a terrorist attack over there, killers use other things to mow down people.

No violence control, no solution to homicide.

Canada also has strict gun control laws, and they are getting stricter as we speak...

And yet shootings in this country are very common here.

And it has been violent here for a very long time.

When I was in j-school, I decided for one of my assignments, I would do a piece on gun control because there was heavy lobbying at the time for it.

So I did my research, and had many police officers tell me this wasn't going to do a thing because the weapons used for killing were mostly illegal ones smuggled in from China -- another country that has very strict gun control laws, but is also the world's leading supplier of illegal firearms.

So the only thing that was going to happen was law-abiding citizens were going to have to pay money and go through more hurdles, while the criminal element were facing no changes to their routine.

And this was over twenty years ago.

Nothing has changed, and yet you have people squawking the same knee-jerk reactions as their parents did at the same age.

No change.

Once upon a time, you could forgive people for making the same mistakes as their ancestors because you didn't have access to data.

Now it is a different story.

The Internet took away every one of those excuses of not knowing things from different times -- or different places.

You have a generation who are incapable of learning from the past, discovering new facts to solve problems, and creating innovative new ways to progressing.

If you truly want change, you must do and think differently.

And marching to the same old tune is not going to prevent the violent from preying on you.

You have a culture of violence. The songs you dance to are violent. The movies you watch are violent. The games and sports you play are violent.

Only when a society decides to tackle the violence problem, will anything begin to truly change.

And there will be more violence because you have too many violent people that are not even deterred by the thought of a life sentence or death in order to take down as many people as they can, all while the sheep are marching because confronting the true problem is too hard and scary to ponder...