Memo to Raymonde Saint-Germain: Of course a Canadian Senator wants the government's hands in journalism: You can't move a puppet your way without the strings attached. Dealing with vested political interests in the Age of Propaganda.

Senator Raymonde Saint-Germain's brazen lobbying in Huffington Post Canada is one for the books. She is a government official, but never elected to this position. Not even a fraction of the people decided she was competent for the job. She has absolutely zero qualifications in regards to be being an editor, publisher, journalist, or media owner. Zero.

And yet she sashays right into a media outlet (more than one, making this a lobbying effort) to get the government's strings attached to a source of information.

That is a bad thing. No democratic and civilized nation would allow such a gross conflict of interest. Governments must be watched over, not be the ones who use taxpayer money to build a pipeline into a vehicle that can expose their mistakes, lapses, conflicts, and sins.

Senators have no business in the business of journalism.

Senators are not qualified to do so. We saw what happened when senators from the realm of journalism were put in power.

Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin did a very bad job of things.

The two realms do not mix for a reason.

But Canadian governments live to meddle and make decrees, even when everything is falling apart thanks to that self-serving meddling.

Journalism broke because it is too dysfunctional. It had no discipline. It had no humility. It had no empiricism. It had nothing that would propel it to evolve and progress.

And now the federal government should take advantage by enabling the very things that destroyed journalism, and replace it with what?

What the government decides is right?

Journalists should be the ones who strike fear in politicians, not come running like trained lapdogs looking for a handout.

Once that line is crossed, then we do not have journalism, but propaganda.

And we don't have journalism any more, but propaganda.

Because it is an Age of Propaganda.

We need facts in order to make demands and challenge governments, not nod like dummies thinking we're lucky that we're being exploited and bossed around with the money we worked hard to earn.

I would rather be making enough money to pay for things myself, and not rely on someone else to take a fraction of my earnings to dole it out as they tell me what to do and threaten my well-being if I object.

And that those in the media industry are begging for enslavement shows how far away from truth and reality they have come.

Shame on you, Senator for taking advantage of a void so horrifically and arrogantly.

We need alternatives to journalism, not a regime-sponsored unreasonable facsimile of an extinct profession.

I would rather use my money to create that alternative, and not have the government snatch that money away from me to fund incompetent blowhards who will use it to promote the agenda of their sugar daddy as they lie to me how much more helpful they are to me than what I can be to myself...