The passivity of the humanities: English gets kicked to curb at the University of Wisconsin because academia can't reinvent a discipline. It's not just j-schools that suffer from Establishment ennui.

We do not have innovators when it comes to communications studies. Not journalism. Not English.

The University of Wisconsin is just shutting down their English department because grads can't find jobs. They are focusing on STEM because right now, it is producing grads who are employable.

There is nothing inherently wrong with having expertise in communicating. It is essential, but the trouble is humanities isn't empirical or experimental. It has no discipline, and it needs discipline.

If STEM operated the same way j-schools did, we'd be back in the Stone Age.

The difference between the sciences and the arts isn't content as much as structure: science has the goal of improvement and seeking discovery and novelty through experimentation, and the arts stick to the same ways without questioning them.

STEM is the microwave oven, while humanities is a campfire.

J-schools are just as bad. I have been proposing revamping j-schools with structural changes, and have had a 100% rate of rejection (my mother has a penchant for saying 1000% instead of a mere 100%, and I often feel like those terse turn downs inflate the rejection rate to 1000%, but I digress).

What was needed is a more aggressive approach of starting from the ground up -- and experimenting with revising the way humanities are taught, but it is the passive mindset because it wasn't working for them, that there was no hope.

It is a missed opportunity. We have troubles with the social resentment patriarchal storytelling structures, and so, we assume we cannot create alternatives, which is nonsense. I use Matriarchal storytelling, and it works.

So shame on the University of Wisconsin for chickening out, and not doing what universities are paid to do -- find new innovative ways for the world to expand and grow...