Journalism's terrorism against Facebook continues as they hope you ignore their targeted marketing at people.

Before I begin, let me remind you about Chartbeat:

The story of your content.

Data tells a powerful story — about your content, who reads it, and what’s possible.

It calls itself:

Content Intelligence for Publishers

In other words, traditional journalism is gathering intelligence on its audience in order to manipulate people into buying their shoddy garbage.

Journalism's stealth marketing is nothing new, and I had written about how newspapers used their circulation department to tailer-make their campaigns for Presstime magazine way back in 2001.

So let's get that out of the way.

The current "scandal" Facebook is facing is a manufactured because Big Data has been around for as long as social media has been around. People want to Live Out Loud, but do not want anyone to profit from it.

And the intelligence gathered from Facebook would be suspect given that people use social media to put their best mask forward, not necessarily reveal what is true.

But journalism's psychological terrorism and propaganda is in full force because they are jealous that Facebook was more successful at it than they ever were.

Toronto Star is instructing the little people to "unfriend" Facebook. The Atlantic, ever the Left-wing propaganda machine, is spinning their own skewed narrative.

They are drawing big huge dots, hoping people will abandon social media, and then go back into the cage.

Facebook has had it too easy for too long, but they gained power because they provided a free page page to people and businesses, but had to fund their sleek machine.

So it collected data and allowed others to do so as well -- including traditional media outlets.

But the current campaign reminds me a lot of the last Ontario PC leadership campaign. Patrick Brown -- the white guy was #MeToo'ed, and he was kicked to the curb. Then you oh-so-very conveniently had two polished female candidates who had clout, connections, and money to sashay in because the media narrative dictated a woman had to win.

Then Doug Ford strutted in, and won. The white guy.

Media narratives aren't what they used to be.

Journalists are trying to scare people out of their wits, and there is no need for it.

Because they are hoping to deflect attention from their own sins and decay, hoping people will relinquish their autonomy.

There are simple ways to deal with Big Data without giving up your own voice.

Because that's what the journalistic narrative is trying to force down your own throat...