Journalism is a profession begging for money instead of fixing the problems that brought their ruin. Notice how Google is getting a free pass? There is a reason for that: 392 million reasons for it.

Particularly in Canada, where the profession is looking for They to save them. When you hear those in the profession speak, it has nothing to do with reality.

We need an alternative to journalism because of its arrogance, lack of discipline, and their vicious vendettas.

Google made a promise to spend $392 million dollars to "support" journalism. It won't work, but it did buy them some time not to get bad press coverage.

The problem is journalists expect other people to believe the mess they present as journalism, and it is alienating people.

Journalists slagged CBC, and now when they are in need of cash, are changing their tune.

Which means all coverage is self-serving, and is a form of blackmail: give in to us, or we will spread propaganda against you.

People are not coming back to journalism for a reason.

What is needed is the alternative to journalism. One that is not about narrative or vulnerable to misuse, manipulation, or the whims of shake-down artists posing as chroniclers...