Deconstructing Propaganda, Part Three: Rigging structures to nullify content. You think you think differently than your ideological opponent? Think again.

When you are a radical centrist, you become one because you become aware that content of thought is only part of the message. When I began A Dangerous Woman Story Studio, I did so because the Patriarchal structure of all Western stories bored me. It is manipulative and full of itself. Every Jesus needs a Judas. Every Devil needs a God.

What is in the middle are those people to shepherd on one side of the line or the other.

This structure confines your choices; so I came up with a Matriarchal structure because in the Patriarchal, there is no room for women to grow in their own natural ways.

I was keenly aware of story structures because as a journalist, I often butted heads with editors who wanted to impose a narrative where one didn't fit. When I wrote my first fiction novel, many stories used an epistolary style where there was no narrative. It was bits and pieces readers had to pull the story from on their own, the same way I got raw facts as a reporter and then had to put the puzzle pieces together myself.

But I clearly saw the rigs. They were the silent propaganda that would override the content of the story. The Patriarchal decreed the hero and villain, but the Matriarchal made readers have to find facts to see a more realistic picture.

Journalists always use the Patriarchal to shade a story. It is also The standard form for Western fiction.

Why does it matter?

Because structure constricts outcomes and guides content. It is a rig.

So you can preach peace, tolerance, and freedom all you want in your content, if you use an authoritative structure to deliver that message, the content turns into bait to sucker people seeking freedom to walk into the confines of cages.

If you talk about morality, innovation, or even experimentation but use the same manipulative, static, and rote structure, you bring insincerity into your message, making you no different than your ideological opponent.

Worse, at least those who want a status quo and authoratative measures have sincerity you lack as their content is in sync with the structure.

So you have opposite sides of the same trick coin. Left or Right, your content is a mere façade.

You say volumes with structure, more so than content.

Patriarchal is the propagandists' choice of delivery. It constricts debate, sounds intellectually superior and authoratative without proof. It makes decrees. It treats those whose life requirements need a different approach with contempt and disrespect, and expects people to just give up their hopes, dreams, free will, and beliefs to settle for a life that is beneath them.

Journalism failed. It never broke away from the propagandistic structure because it seemed to like the power it once wielded. That was their greatest sin, and the reason a new method is needed to ensure tyrants never grab control from the Infinite and then confine them into the cage known as The One...