No, it will not be worse than Watergate. Why journalists drool at Trump's troubles, even when their own fortunes are the real freak show.

The Daily Beast does what journalists do best: wish their enemies ill. This latest petty wishful thinking article is interesting, and it is very instructive.

Because the reason is there is a pattern of coverage happening.

The propaganda is specific: anyone who bypasses journalism becomes a target.

Facebook is one, and the press has many motives for the latest smearing.

Donald Trump also bypassed the press; and the strategy has been to destroy him to serve as an example to anyone else what happens if you succeed without their blessing.

The problem is that (a) it is not working, and (b) the path that bypasses them has already been created.

It is a zombie freak show now. The press has no power. Should Facebook and Trump go away this second, media's fortunes do not change because now that there has been the first who have proven it can be done -- those pioneers are no longer necessary for that new path to grow.

In fact, both Facebook and Trump are also case studies. The next to bypass journalism will see the mistakes that were made, and then prepare. 

They are not going to go back to the zombie freak show. They will reinforce their vehicle, and then bypass the press.

The path's evolution will not be impeded. The lesson learned is that you bypass the old guard, and then do something else to weaken their voices entirely.

Journalism is still dead. Facebook is not the only game in town -- they get smeared, someone else takes their place, but I suspect Facebook will fight back and stay in the game for a while.

Trump is not Watergate. Trump thrives in anarchy, and all journalists are doing is creating the very environment he can master.

Because journalism's fortunes are still crashing and burning, no matter what vitriol they throw at Trump and Facebook.