Memo to NBC -- a lie detector test isn't worth the paper it is scribbled on. Yay, someone else passed a polygraph other than Patrick Brown. As if that matters.

I have written about how journalists are willfully ignorant when it comes to using cheap stunts, in this case, NBC News letting the world know that a porn star passed a polygraph. Murderers, rapists, and disgraced politicians passed them, too just as innocent people failed them. For example, Gary Leon Ridgeway, otherwise known as the Green River Serial killer passed the polygraph with ease. It is flat-out quackery that has long ago been proven to be wanting. But lie detectors make for sexy pseudo-science, and while there have been news programs that exposed the fallibility of lie detectors (when 60 Minutes was still good, they had an actual exposé on it way back in 1986), they also turn around and then try to use them to prove something.

No, dig up facts because a lie detector is a cheap hack and stunt that proves nothing.

Journalism has always been a sucker circus, and this "report" is meaningless, but it takes skill and intelligence to find facts and evidence, and the dead profession didn't die from hard work or diligence...