Is crowdfunding the future for journalism? Are you serious? That was the journalism's model for decades. It was called subscriptions.

This article gave me a good chuckle. Is crowdfunding the future of journalism? No, because it is the current model was crowdfunding: people subscribed to your product. The crowd funded you -- it wasn't enough because it had to boosted with advertising revenue.

Crowdfunding merely places the entire financial burden on subscribers.

But people have walked away from journalism. In droves.


Because the current model of journalism has become archaic. The mindset prevents a renaissance of the profession. If you have a quality product, it has to start from the mindset.

It didn't happen -- tinkering with the business model is not going to help. Journalists are putting off the table the very thing they need to get rid of.

But if it is a choice between removing the rot from the core -- or bandying about a shallow buzzword, journalists run toward the buzzword every time...