Google's delusion: It thinks there's such a thing as "quality journalism" and that it knows how to spot it. Yeah, your press release full of itself.

If it is in the press release, then it must be true! Google certainly thinks so with this piece of propaganda:

Elevating quality journalism on the open web

Google, of course, has no idea how to do this, but it thinks an authoritative-sounding ad copy will fool people.

But traditional outlets are dutifully cribbing the press release without even questioning it because, you know, cribbing press releases is a sign of "quality" journalism.

Fake news is the bogeyman for the journalist relics out there.

If Google had a clue what was the difference between real and fake news, it certainly would not have written that embarrassing dreck that comes off as some sort of PSA flick from the 1950s. "Google News Initiative" sounds like what stoned out high schoolers think sounds grown-up.

Facebook tried it, and now we see that it isn't exactly working for them.

There is no quality journalism. A dead profession cannot create it. Social media was never made to do it, either.

You need empiricism, not arrogant childish robber barons make stupid decrees without actual methods to see it through.

You have a serious problem, and Google is ill-equipped to solve it.

It is bad enough that journalism is dead, but that you have people in other industries who do not know this when they should know it -- and are incapable of seeing it, is very disheartening.

North America is having a real informational and ideological meltdown. The patriarchal structure has collapsed, and nothing is working because everyone in the profession is a slave to rote scripts and the habits spawned from sanctioned insanity.

There is no discipline. There is no empiricism. It is just talk and empty phrases -- and none of that can solve the problem that there is a real and serious information void.

The childish games and lazy press release-cribbing is an insult -- and it has gone on long enough.