Creative thinking in journalism? Joking, surely. It is passive thought and enduring "necessary evils" as the lazy stick to old scripts. Is it any wonder this profession collapsed?

Those who can, do. Those who won't, become journalists.

If STEM-disciplines took the same approach to their industries as journalists took to theirs, we'd be using snake oil and wouldn't have vaccines or medicines. There would be no technology, and we'd still be living in caves without so much as fire or the wheel.

You have a profession that imploded because it cannot keep up with a changing landscape.

Just how passive are those in the profession?

Just take a look at this piece of dreck from Slate:

Until Journalism Is a Real Meritocracy, J-School Is a Necessary Evil for Minorities

Until journalism is a real meritocracy? What kind of rubbish is that? You are waiting for the benevolent altruists known as They to clean it up and innovate for you?


Memo to Slate: journalism no longer functions. There will be no meritocracy, real or even a reasonable facsimile of it. People are losing their jobs, outlets are shutting down, and no one is doing actual work.

J-schools created that mess with their own passive hubris; so why is it a "necessary evil"? What sense does that make?

But the expectation that it is someone else's job shows that the wrong kind of people infected the profession. It is not innovators, pioneers, visionaries, or creators. Just lumps who want someone else to make a meritocracy.

It is a pathetic piece, but the "biding our time" mindset ensures that there is no innovation or renewal, just some self-entitled people who are unfamiliar with reality sitting around the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to swoop in and give them real meritocracy.

Sticking around a rigged system and then expecting change is puerile.

Speaking of Great Pumpkin waiters, comes this knee-slapper from Stat:

When towns lose their newspapers, disease detectives are left flying blind

Are we so passive that we cannot build alternatives to local journalism to accomplish the same ends? Apparently so.

Journalism is not a natural or divine construct. As no one in the profession is capable of doing what is essential to make it relevant again, then there is opportunity to plant a new seed in that vacuum.

Because it isn't going to create itself, and we still need information to navigate through a complicated world.