America's violence problem. No, it is not a gun control problem. The bombs are now getting in the way of that narrative.

Journalists have been smug with the "Gun Control" narrative, but now after bomb #5 has exploded, we can finally put that deceptive narrative to rest. You have had another shooting reported this morning, but also another bomb.

So while agenda-driven media outlets such as Vice pretend that it is gun and not video games, let the critical thinkers look at the reality.

America's culture is a violent one. Violent video games, violent tv shows, violent songs, violent movies, violent books, violent sports, and violent comic books. Violence is glorified. Violence is seen as a solution to problems.

If someone disagrees with you, then they are a villain with no redeeming qualities. They must be punished, and forced into submission to your way. It is antagonistic, and reinforced incessantly.

You have generations completely immersed in popular culture. They spend more time staring at various screens than living out in the world, and have formed unnatural habits.

And those habits dictate that at the first obstacle, become aggressive, set a static narrative rigged to your favour, and then remove that obstacle by any means necessary.

There have been consequences to a violent culture: death and destruction that mimics war zones.

It is not a gun problem.

It is a violence problem.

Why are so many people so violent?

It is an elephant in the room: journalists do not want to offend people; so they blame something that cannot talk back: the guns.

And let that divine They do something about it.

If you want a civilized society, you have to face reality, and the reality is that there is a glorification of violence, and its methods are reinforced in our stories repeatedly. Deal with the violence, and the desire to buy guns goes down with it.

Stop talking about gun control. Start looking at the problem of violence control. Humanize the issue and start finding out why you have so much violence terrorizing its own citizens when it is supposed to be peace...